Thursday, June 06, 2013

In My Suitcase...

Hello! I haven't posted in awhile due to laziness and such, but now that I am exactly one week a way from my vacation I decided to post a few pictures of what will be in my suitcase/carryon bag while traveling. I'll be going to New York as well as traveling to Florida and I'm very excited. These are a few of the pieces I'll be bringing and two outfits I'll be wearing. I'm excited to do some shopping and hopefully I can take pictures of the things I'm buying along the way of my 3 month vacation.

High waisted Tube Skirt from Topshop & my Favorite Mustard yellow crop top from Forever 21.

Motel high waisted printed jeans and Motel off the shoulder crop top.

A few bralette tops I'll be wearing! Motel red stripped top, Black "Reckless" top from Hot Topic, Palm leaf top from Motel & Blue Aloha print top from Hollister.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Love these♥


OPI-Shrek Forever After Collection & OPI-Minnie Mouse Collection

My two favorite new OPI colors. I have to say that I LOVE the consistency of these polishes. OPI is the best!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I love Motel

Goodness, so, I know these pictures are junkie, like most of mine are but I just had to post a picture of this outfit. This is my new favorite outfit! And  I love Motels sizing. I've gotten a variety of Motel sizes from extra small to Medium and they all fit me perfectly. I just can't get enough of this outfit, the bralette top is super cute and the midi skirt is amazing. I fall more and more in love with Motel each week. You can't go wrong
with Motel, and there quality is great.

*Excuse my messy bedroom and dirty mirrors. Lol.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Helping myself, My Journey (:

I wanted to post this for my own personal reasons. I ran across a blog,  that posted this amazing blurb about skin being better that makeup. The picture directly below is from her site and I honestly thought that these women in the photo are some of the most beautiful women I've seen. I've been searching for inspiration from people, celebrities or not that look more like me (skin color & hair) The pictures below are of beautiful women who are natural..yes they wear some makeup and fix up their hair a bit but they don't look overdone, you can still see what they really look like underneath, and they are so pretty! I wanted to post this so that I will constantly be reminded of what I see and learned from these pictures, I don't want to lose sight of my Journey.

 I have nothing against makeup, I love a little makeup, but over doing it
is just unattractive to me, and I think these women do it right. Skin is better than Makeup! I have had to learn that over the past couple of years, but I am coming together, accepting myself, and I just love how these girls did when they were young, and looked amazing.

I'm on my own personal skin journey, to pull myself together through all of the little things I don't like about myself and accept my unique features!

The cons to this journey is seeing celebrities like this:

It's sad to see women like Rihanna below. I really want to like her (Even though I hate her music!!) But to me she is so fake and not beautiful. She cakes herself with makeup and wears weaves constantly. I don't think I've actually seen her look sorta natural. She is not beautiful to me for so many reasons, and I don't want people like her to be any sort of image of beauty to me! It doesn't help my esteem when I see all of these women of color that look so unnatural and fake. I can't stand to see women like this.
(All my Opinions)

Too much concealer, fake eyelashes, weave, eyebrow paint, and way to much eyeliner.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

In love with this dress!

Hey guys!

 So recently I went shopping and I picked up this amazing dress. I actually just saw it from the corner of my eye and thought it would be cute to "just try on" but I ending up loving it so much I bought it! I picked up the white one for $30 at Charlotte Russe. I usually never go into that store but I'm glad I did this time!!

I can't wait to wear some pretty shoes with it and show it off at work (:

Friday, April 05, 2013

Versatile blogger award & Liebster Award


So I've been tagged quite a few times for some awards lately so I thought I'd make them all into one post.

First of all, I'd like to say thanks so much to all the lovely bloggers who nominated or tagged me :

Let's get started on these tags!

Random Facts about Me-

1. I'm a procrastinator but I always get everything done. I don't know how I do it or how to stop being one. I just am by nature.

2. I love potatoes. I can eat them for breakfast lunch or dinner, everyday all day.

3. I love to be on airplanes or boats. For some reason they just make me so excited. I would live on a boat if I could.

4. I like road trips, they are so fun, especially on the East coast of the US.

5. I miss living in Canada but I know it won't be the same if I ever go back there.

6. No matter how hard it is to get to a happy ending, I love them. I just love happy endings.

7. Contradictory to my last fact I find it funny when a main character in a movie or show dies. Except when they are my favorite character, then I will ban the show from my house and I won't ever watch it again.

Now for some questions!

1. If you could only wear one colour in your wardrobe for the rest of your life, which colour would you choose?

Hm, that's hard but I would say pink. I don't love it but with my skin tone it's a color that looks good on me. Or dark red. Either one.

2. Out of all the people you know, be they celebrities or real, who would you swap lives with for a day? 

lifeguard girl. I don't know why, but I think it would be cool to live the life of a beach bum lifeguard girl who wears a bikini and hangs out with cool beach people all day then ends the day with a burger and fries.

3. Which band do you think sums up your current/past teenage years?

Too many, I'd say All time Low, Blink 182, Sublime or 311.

4. Which film and/or book could you watch/read over and over again? 

I could watch Captain Ron all day. That movie is coool and I wish that could happen to my family. I would read Brave New World or any book in the Lois Lowry "The Giver" type series.

5. What is your essential beauty product? 

Blush, I just love it!

6. What is the best beauty tip you have been told? 

Oils! Using natural pure oils for your skin makes a huge difference in acne and brightening your skin. I love pure oils.

7. Name three things that make you happy and 3 things that make you sad. 

Certain people make me happy, good food, and music. Life makes me sad sometimes, ignorance, and stubborn people.

8. You've just won a million pounds, aside from savings, bills etc, what is the first thing you buy? 

Clothing, duh.

9. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? 

Nothing, I'm picky, if it's weird, I'm not eating it.

10. Which country would you really like to visit? 

Any country in Africa.

11. Are you an early bird or a night owl? 

Neither. I'm a whatever type person. But I do get tired fast.

Some more questions from other bloggers! I didn't answer every question but I picked a few I liked.

1. Why did you start your blog?

Orginally I started it with my friend, but that didn't work out so now I'm by myself, which is cool, it's not for followers or anything but merely to entertain myself and see other cool stuff you guys use and do! I like sharing what I get and I enjoy having followers that actually look at my posts and care about what I'm doing rather than just look for the followers for the number aspect. If that made any sense.

2. What is your favorite season?

I like fall but also summer. I love summer clothes, I like going to the beach and being outdoors and having fun.

3.What job did you want to do as a child?

I wanted to be a teacher. I still kinda do. 

4. Where is the majority of your wardrobe from?

Thrift shops!

So I tag everyone! Who ever wants to do this tag I encourage you to try it or, I also nominate all my followers, they deserve it, their blogs are all wonderful (:


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adding to my wardrobe♥


These are just a few things I've picked up this last week or so from Garage sales or Thrift shops that I'm adding to my new Spring/Summer wardrobe. I though all of these things would be super cute with summery prints and shoes.

xo Autumn

I got this Mickey Mouse Disney sweatshirt from a garage sale. I thought it would be cute with printed bottoms of some sort of even over a dress. It was 50 cents.
I love this top. It's the perfect boho summer top. I'm waiting to wear it with a love maxi skirt with lots of boho jewlery. It was $3 from a Thrift Shop.
I thought this top was super cute. It's a vinatge cotton Asian shirt. It don't know which country it's from because I can't read the langauge on the tag but it's cropped with slits on each side and two collar neck buttons. It's the perfect touch to a boring outfit. I got it from a thrift shop for $2.
This top is super light and airy and pefect for a lunch on a summer day. I just adore it. It's a wrap around shirt and it's sorta cropped. Perfect with some high waisted capris and wedges or a skirt.

I love love love this fish printed wrap around skirt. I thought it was super cute, and it had some bleach stains on it that I actually like. it was a steal for 50 cents.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm into this


Recently I've been loving to mix colors and patterns and prints and all sorts of stuff together. I love the combo of flowers and safari prints in this set. Starting my own new trend for the Spirng/Summer!!!


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cleaning out my closet..

Untitled #843
The summer is approaching an I am in the mood for an entire new wardrobe, I'm cleaning out my closet over and over again and I thought this blog would be the best place to keep track of all the new things I want to pick up through out the months. These are a few of the things I'm starting out with!
  • Topshop super high waisted skinny jeans
  • Topshop overall dress (I LOVE THIS)
  • Topshop black sandals
  • Motelrocks off the shoulder crop top
  • Motelrocks island print skater skirt

Know of any cute shops to buy stock up this summer?