Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Autumn Loves: 90's Hip Hop Style

Hey Guys!

I adore the 90's hip hop style and I am defiently embracing it lately! The 90's were filled with vibrant colors, patterns and prints and they weren't shy of mixing both pattern and print. I've always liked to wear bold and even obnoxious outfits because it just fits who am (you will see more of my personality throughout this blog) I added a few pictures of soon iconic 1990's folks who were cool and effortless with their style (there are so many iconic 90's stars, Google some!)

I added some of my own pictures below (sorry about the bad quality, I had to use my webcam and I took them by myself :( ) and I also included a quick outfit of the day.

I thought all of these peices would be super cute and cool when put together with some 90's hip hop flare.

Picture #1- Denim/ Suede Jacket: The jacket was $2 at a garage sale.
Picture #2- Printed silk Shorts: The shorts were $3 at a local thirft store (Savers)
Picture #3- Printed Button down: The top was $5 at local thirft store (Savers)
Picture #3- Gap  Pin stripped Overalls: The overalls were $4 at a local thirft store (Savers)


 So, this is just a little mini outfit of the day! I wore this to school today(:
Crop top from local store Jeans Wearhous for $9
Maxi Skirt from Savers for $7
Liz Claiborne belt from Savers for $2
BackPack from a garage sale for $5
Loafer Shoes from Savers for $5
I'm also wearing some gold dangling earrings from Forever 21 for about $5 & beading necklace from garge sale for $1.


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