Sunday, January 06, 2013

Autumn: Everyday Products.

I haven't posted in awhile and I thought I would do something new. I just collected a couple of skin care/makeup and hair items that I use every week.
This is a new soap I bought from GNC for $3.99. It's a sulfur soap for your body. I usually don't like using regular soap bars because they dry out my skin and cause acne on my shoulders and back. This soap leaves your skin super soft and remove your blemishes by the next day. I love it!
These two moisturizers are amazing! The first is CeraVe, a facial lotion with an SPF of 30. I first started using this to help rebuild and restore my skin cells like the product assures. This moisturizer does everything it says( CeraVe $13.99) The next moisturizer is from Neutrogena (9.99) It helps brighten my skin and gradually fade dark spots using Soy.
Jojoba oil is the best product ever! I got this from GNC for 5.99. Jojoba oil helps mimic the oil your skin produces to actually stop excess oil that your skin produces. So basically this is a miracle is a bottle. No more oily skin. You can also use this oil as a conditioner for your hair and for your body.

Thayers Witch Hazel is great. I got this from GNC for 10.99 and it works great to soothe the skin and remove all the makeup you didn't get off with your makeup remover.
Burt's Bees Garden Tomato toner is just what your skin needs on hot summer days. I got this from My Drug Store for around $5. It helps soothe your skin and refresh it.

Eminence organic skin care is a great brand! And this mask is the best. It smells amazing and tingles on your face. It's infused with vitamins and helps keep your skin.
Most recently I've stopped using so many products in my hair and have only been using deep conditioners, leave ins and dry oils. These two are great for the price. They are both from Organix and were 7.99. My curly hair needs hydration and moisture. They both use great oils and sugar cane to keep your hair soft and smelling yummy.

These two mascaras are from Benifit. I picked them up for Sephora for about $10 each. They are both amazing and great quality and are wonderful for everyday use.
Fresh is the best brand for lip balms and moisturizers. This is the Sugar Rose Fresh tinted lip balm. I love it. It keeps my lips supple for hours.

Elf makeup mist & set is the perfect cheap makeup setter. It keeps my blush color from wearing out all day....which is wonderful! It also refershes my skin if I'm out all day. It is about $4 at your local drug store or Target.

Autumn (:



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