Monday, December 24, 2012

Autumn: I couldn't resist!

Hi Guys!

I know I said I wouldn't put up a clothing post but I couldn't resist it. I really liked my outfit this morning so I decided why not. This outfit is a combo of thrift store finds and garage sale finds. The only thing that I didn't get for a bargain would be the collar necklace.

Turtle neck from a garage sale for $1
Light brown Leather skirt from a garage sale for $5
Red velvet hair bow for free!
 Black loafers from a thrift store for $5
Collar necklace was from Claires for $8

I'm just wearing  mascara, Pink Pout lipstick from Revlon and a DIY blush I made.

<3 Autumn


  1. you look awesome.. btw, i loooooove your hair. <3

    i followed your blog. can you follow me back?? see you in my blog. :) thanks.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, we followed.

      -Autumn (:

  2. Super cute! x, Kat

  3. What size skirts and tops do you wear?

    1. Small or medium shirts and small skirts usually. All depends on the brand and the make (:


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