Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Autumn: For the love of her amazingness! Lisa Bonet.

Hi Guys!

I wanted to make an overall inspiration post. Lisa Bonet is my inpiration for style and hair! I'm in love with everything about her look now and in the past. Most of my style emulates her in some way or another. At work I have clients who refer to me as "The Cosby show" girl which I can say I'm very much proud of. I really view it as an honor to even be mentioned along those lines. Lisa Bonet is goregous. You probably will see countless posts coming for me that have something to do with her. I love the way she mixes bohemian items with a little flare of something urban or vintage. I love that fact you can't label her style as anything in specific and that you never know what to expect from her. I will sit there and watch tons of eposides of The Cosby show or A Different World just to see what she's wearing. Lisa bonet has this effortless natural beauty about her which I adore. I will continue to watch her style and her life as the days go on(:

I forgot to mention that I love her daughter Zoe Kravitz as well. She's beautiful and has a great sense of style.

Thank you so much!

-Autumn <3


  1. Oh she is great inspiration
    So vintage looking
    S xx

  2. When she cleans up.she looks amazing!!!!

  3. I love the Cosby show


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