Friday, December 28, 2012

Autumn: My PMD.


Hi everyone, so I just wanted to make a post about a new skin care tool I picked up. It's the Personal Microderm(PMD) I have been researching this tool for about a year now and have been in love with the before and after pictures I had seen from many of my favorite YouTubers. I had first seen this tool on SunkissAlba's skin care video and decided to look into it more and more ever since. I have read nothing but good reviews on the tool and the company. The tool is suppose to do some heavy duty exfoliating of the skin, removing dead layers and do major resurfacing. It claims to help acne or even get rid of it, reduce pore size and reduce the amount of blackheads you get. So far I've used this tool twice. After the first use I saw major difference for the better! My pores were so much smaller (especially around my cheeks and nose) my blackheads were reduced or even gone and my acne scars faded dramatically. And this was all after one use! I tried it using it the second time on Tuesday and my skin looked amazing! I've had problems with some acne scarring for awhile and this has helped give me part of the soultion to my problem. On top of that all my skin products seem to settle in better onto my face and work better. And my skin is softer then a babys.......It truly has done everything it said it would.I am very pleased and I'm looking forward to using it more often!!!

The orginal price of this product is about $200. I got it on GMA's one day special 2 weeks ago for $62.

This is the tool itself without the tip.

I got 2 free boxes of blue tip sensitive replacement discs.


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  3. Sounds definitely great!!

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  4. it looks amazingg. i want one of those:(

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    1. It really is. You should look into it. MAybe they will have a new years sale or something. We followed(: Thanks.


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