Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Autumn: OOTD + Mall

Hey dolls!
I wanted to share an outfit of the day and some quick things I picked up at the mall yesterday. I also wanted to say another thank you to all who have followed our blog and left really lovely comments. We apperciate it so much. It's weird to think people actually care about what we have to post, but then it's so fun doing these posts, we really actaully have fun reading our own posts, haha.

This si what I wore on my day out. It was a cute outfit comfotable outfit. My shoes, pants, and belt are for a thrift store called Savers. Each piece was under $5. My stripped cropped turtle neck is from Forever 21. I got it for $6. The collar necklace is for Claire's for $8 and my back was from a garage sale for $1.
I wore my hair in simple pigtails with the rest down. It was super easy and my new favorite hairstyle.

What I got from the Mall! :
I got this lovely skirt for Forever 21 for $13.80. I was so attracted to this skirt it's made out of this stretchy silky material that would make it so comfy and wearable,
I picked up this lacey pale pink cropped turtle neck top from Charlotte Russe on the $5 rack sale. I usually don't go into Charlotte Russe but I thought it was a unique top and I could pair it up with a lot of high-waisted bottoms. And because the lacey print is subtle you can add colorful necklaces and earrings to your outfit.

Skin Care


I picked up these two cleasning tools. The first is a rubber cleansing pad with super soft rubber bristles. These rubber bristles won't rip or tear at fragile skin. It is one of the softest rubber bristles I've come across. I picked it up from Sephore for $5. I also picked up the plastic bristle brush. I've gotten a similar brush from Sally's Beauty Supply before that I loved, but I heard good things about Sephora's brush that I wanted to try out too. These bristles are super soft for senstive or acne prone skin. But not so soft that it doesn't exfoliate. The packaging suggest you can use it dry or with your favorite cleanser. I use a dry brushing for deeping exfoliation. I got this brush from Sephora for $5.
I also...
I checked out this cute little candy shop in the mall. It's called See's Candy the make the best lolipops. They sell their homemade lolipops for around 80 cents. They are soooo good! I have a few carmel lolipops sitting in the back of my pantry right now.


I went to Calfornia Pizza Kitchen and got some amazing food! I shared a Sicilan Pizza and some Pesto Penne. It was so gooooood. Best meal I had all week.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your whole outfit and those pants >>> <3


  2. You have such a vintage style that i am in love with. you really WERK IT !

    1. AH! Thank you, coming from you that's like an honor, you have an amazong style. I appreciate it <3

  3. Cute outfit. I like your hair too but I wish I didn't see that pizza. It made me hungry! lol

    1. Haha, I know right?! Thank you much(:

  4. Oh thanks a lot for comment in my blog! I like the orange trousers!! And I'm in love with the forever 21 skir!! It's so beautiful! You look lovely! xoxo
    pd: that food seems delicious! hahaha


    1. Thank you! I love that skirt too, can't wait to wear it.

  5. Hey girl, love your outfit and your bouncing hit. someone please give me that pizza, lol :) great blog, your new follower :)

    1. I really apprecuate it! I love your style so much. Thank you(:


  6. I am liking the look of that pizza! I need to come back to the States and eat proper food, haha!
    Food aside, I'm loving the trousers and collar necklace too!

  7. LOVE all the pics in this post! your look and the food! wowwwwwwwww


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